improved – made with you in mind!

What’s Next?
Your account will be switched from the old interface to the new and improved soon. All you need to do is log-in as usual. All your e-mails, your address book, files etc. will automatically appear in the new interface then.

One easy-to-use interface
All features – from your mailbox to your address book up to your organizer- will just be a click away and easily accessible from your mailbox.

Your Mail Collector
The Mail Collector lets you manage different e-mail accounts – even from other providers (i. e. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc.) – with just one login. Send and receive e-mails from all your accounts – with!

State-of-the-art spam and virus protection
We guarantee your privacy with a new and superior SSL encryption system and up-to-date filters. Say goodbye to spam and viruses!

Attachment size

We have doubled the size for attachments. You can now send attachments of up to 50 MB. On top of that, upload multiple attachments faster with our new multi-upload function.

Our new features and services will make e-mailing even easier and yet more fun – because it’s all about YOU!


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