Setting OVI mail di handphone Nokia e63

1.Set up e-mail
2.Start e-mail setup
3.Email “information is needed to activate existing mailbox. Needed information varies, depending on e-mail service provider. Answer the following queries. Click –> yes 5.Allow connection “network may be….” Click –> yes
6. You’re gadget find server….
7. Select E-mail
8. Entry your email address ex:
9. Entry your password…. Click –> ok
10.Define email setting….please wait…
11.Please tray again….:p
12.Entry your email address ex:
13.Entry your password…. Click –> ok
14. Define your pop3 / imap4 (manual setting)
15. Pop3/imap4 wizard ” information is needed to activate…”Click –> ok 16.Select imap4,ovi not support pop3….you can tray but buy….huehheehehe 17. Incoming Mail Server: entry “”
18. Security select SSL(port number 993)
19. Outgoing Mail Server: entry “”
20. Security select SSL(port number 465)Click –> ok
21. Wizard complate “email setting define.setting can be viewed and…Click –> ok 22.Now contacting your ovi mailbox.
23.-original message-
Subject: Welcome to Ovi Mail beta
From: “Ovi Mail”
Date: 17/08/2009 8:49 PM

Congratulations! You have a new Ovi Mail email address from Nokia. Tell your friends and family that they can reach you at

Ovi Mail is free, easy-to-use email that you can use directly from your Nokia phone and over the Web. Staying in touch with friends and family is fun and simple with Ovi Mail. To use your email on a computer and change your account settings, go to

Stay tuned for even more exciting features in the coming months.

Thank you,
Ovi Mail team
Ovi by Nokia


7 Comments to “Setting OVI mail di handphone Nokia e63”

  1. i have aproblem with e-mail set up.
    i dont see my e mails in my mobile

  2. I cant find my ovi login

  3. Ha ha now i get it thx 4 u

  4. thans’k

  5. lupa pasword

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