Google Experimental Labs

Google is always experimenting with new features aimed at improving the search experience. Take one for a spin and let us know what you think.
Join an experiment and you’ll see that feature whenever you do a Google search. Note that you can only join ONE experiment at a time

1. Alternate Views for Search Results


See results on a timeline, map, or in context of other information

types. With these views, Google’s technology extracts key dates, locations, measurements, and more from select search results so you can view the information in a different dimension.

2. Keyword Suggestions


Try different keywords to improve your search results. As you type your search, Google’s technology provides alternative suggestions to your queries in real time. This feature is also available on Google Labs as Google Suggest.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts


Navigate search results quickly and easily, minimizing use of your mouse. Current keyboard shortcuts include:

Key Action

J = Selects the next result.

K = Selects the previous result.

O = Opens the selected result.

<Enter> = Opens the selected result.

/ = Puts the cursor in the search box.

<Esc> = Removes the cursor from the search box.

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