Hapus Kinza.exe dari Komputer anda

KINZA Infomation

  • It make Computer too Slow.
  • It makes stop response or restrict TaskManager, Regedit, CMD, Msconfig, Group
  • Policies.Some Windows tools like Like TaskManager, Regedit suddenly gets closed or open for few second Like TaskManager, Regedit, etc.

  • FolderOptions is Disable from Windows Explorer
  • It hide the hidden files.
  • It extract itself and create lot of exe, dll, boot.vbs files


  • Dont run in COMMAND.COM, It only run cmd.com
  • It only work on windows XP or latest Version


  • Main source is Internet.
  • Pen Drive which have Kinza.exe infected.
  • CD which have Kinza.exe infected
  • and Extract it.
  • Turn off the System Restore point.
  • Restart the computer the computer in Safemode.
  • double click ssvichosst.bat from the extracted file.
  • Delete temp file and internet temp file.
  • Restart the computer.
    Now your PC is free from kinza.exe

|OUTLINK| c1p1net |

|SUMBER| solusion-world|


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