Monitor Bandwidth with Netflow

Netflow 1

NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based tool that analyzes and reports on bandwidth usage across the enterprise. Netflow data that is exported from Cisco devices, is collected and correlated by NetFlow Analyzer in order to generate reports on top talkers, top applications, top bandwidth users, and more.

NetFlow Analyzer is very simple to deploy and start working with. You can install NetFlow Analyzer on a Windows or Linux machine, and use just a web browser to access the client interface. After installing, set up your Cisco routers/switches to export Netflow data to NetFlow Analyzer. Within minutes, traffic graphs are plotted and reports are automatically generated by NetFlow Analyzer.

Bandwidth Monitoring Features in NetFlow Analyzer

Real-time Bandwidth Reports for each WAN link

As soon as Netflow data is received, graphs are generated showing details on incoming and outgoing traffic on the link for the last 10 minutes.

Application-wise Bandwidth Distribution

Application reports show the top applications using up bandwidth. From here you can drill down to see the top hosts and conversations for each application that is listed.

Netflow 2

Historical Bandwidth Usage Trends

Traffic trends and user trends help identify peak usage hours, link utilization metrics, and more. You can also view trends of application usage, protocol usage, and more.

Bandwidth Usage Summary Reports

Consolidated reports show you overall bandwidth usage statistics for each WAN link. You can view current bandwidth usage patterns, along with details on hosts, applications, and conversations using up bandwidth.

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One Comment to “Monitor Bandwidth with Netflow”

  1. There are new features added like reporting on Cisco CBQoS, Cisco NBAR and many more. Just wanted to update :)

    with the best of intentions

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