12 New Fiture Mail Labs Google Apps


Quick Links
by Dan P
Adds a box to the left column that gives you 1-click access to any bookmarkable URL in PT. SADA EKARTAMA Mail. You can use it for saving frequent searches, important individual messages, and more.


by Kai H & Julie W
Adds additional star icons. After enabling this feature, you can choose which icons you wish to use in the "General" Settings page.


Pictures in chat
by Dave C
See your friends’ profile pictures when you chat with them.


Fixed width font
by Keith C
Adds an option to the reply dropdown menu that lets you view a message in fixed width font.


Mouse gestures
by Erik A
Use your mouse to navigate with gestures. Hold right-click and move the mouse left to go to a previous conversation, move it right to go to the next conversation, and move up to go back to the inbox view. Works best on Windows.


Signature tweaks
by Keith C and Dave C
Places your signature before the quoted text in a reply, and removes the "–" line that appears before signatures. Can’t use this and the "Random signature" Labs feature at the same time.


Random signature
by Chad P
Rotates among random quotations for your email signature. Can’t use this and the "Signature tweaks" Labs feature at the same time.


Custom date formats
by Emil E
Adds options to the general settings page allowing the date and time format to be changed independent of language. For example, you can use a 24-hour clock (14:57) or show dates with the day first (31/12/07).


by Chad P
Conserves screen real estate by hiding your friends’ status messages.


Old Snakey
by Dave C
Kick it old school with Old Snakey! Enable keyboard shortcuts and hit ‘&’ from the main page to play a game of snake.


Email Addict
by Michael D
Lets you take a break from email and chat by blocking the screen for fifteen minutes and making you invisible in chat.


Hide Unread Counts
by Matt M
Hides the unread counts for inbox, labels, etc.


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