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BATAN in collaborating with BPMIGAS is extremely pleased to host the on-day seminar under title of “Radiotracer for Oilfield Exploraton and Exploitation” that to be held in Jakarta. The aim of the seminar is to promote the safe and effective use of  tracer technology for oilfield exploration and exploitation. To achieve this aim, we invite Prof. Dr. Tor Bjornstad, an internatio-nally well known expert, to provide lecture on some important topics that are useful for oilfield practitioners. The seminar,in condition, serve as a national forum for facilitating exchange latest advanced information in the field of the utilization of tracer. We believe the seminar will bring all of the participant better understanding of the latest tracer technology and contribute for further promotion of the use of isotopes in oil field. We look forward to seeing you at the seminar and hope you experience the warm spirit of succesful seminar.


One Comment to “In Colaboration With…”

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    gmana ya gw rada sulit sdikit mahamin nich animasi 3d
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    tnks bgt . . . .bls
    itu mah cuma photoshop juga baru belajar 3dmax…
    klo mau buku gw, download aja di sini

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