Unexpected, with delightment…

Unexpected, with delightment…

The day November 2nd started with several unexpected bad news… Traffic will be super bad for a whole day, since several main roads will be blocked to welcome Sino-Africa Summit guests; some people claimed they haven’t received my email about the Edgy Eft Release party yet; I was told T-shirts and sweaters are not made as I designed cause the cost was too high for small orders; 2 people called me apologizing for not going to make the Edgy Release party, and one said I shouldn’t expect seeing too many students considering this is weekday night + traffic is bad.

After several rounds of phone calls, I am even more frustrated to realize that I am running late for the first business meeting of the day… It’s definitely one of the worst start of a day for this year.

… …

How was the party? Look at these pics:

We planned the party for 200 people, 600 showed up, since nobody got ultrawide lens to take the whole meeting hall, this picture shows about half of the room:

Meeting Hall

Many people sit on the floor:

Ones sit on floor

The whole speech + Q&A lasted for an intensive 1 and half hours (felt like 30 minutes as one student said, I shared his feeling), there was no one left, no one had seperate meetings, no one even diverts their attentions… Mark was the star of the night.

Fascinated and Inspired

I was the intepretor.

On getting free Edgy Eft CDs and entering the meeting hall, community has asked attendees to put down their company name and email address on paper – that’s how I got a name list of almost 400 people (out 600) , to find the population was actually quite distributed – from almost all big science universities in Beijing (Peking, Tsinghua, Beihang, Beiyou, Beijing Normal University etc…) as well Google, IBM, Sun, Oracle, TongFang (PC brand), Founder and plenty of software companies including some other linux distros.


I mean, WOW.

I must admit the organization of the party is a bit awkward, as we didn’t expect so many people to show up. The event was blogged by several bloggers who attended the meeting, all criticizing about the crowdy venue and less-than-perfect translation (yeah I am a bit nervous and my intepretation is lower than my average level), none the less all of them are praising Mark’s passionate speech and the legend of Ubuntu.

For the ones who’d like to watch Mark’s speech again, I will put video on internet later.

Thanks for Fridge’s support to put the event up on your site:

Hou ZhengPeng and Yu ShiQi are the heros to make the party happen, my Beijing LUG friends have been helping spreading the words around the town, and by google search I also found some OSS geeks who I have never met in the past also helped advertising the event on IRC/Forum/BBS this time.

I have already started planning the bigger, fancier, cooler, geekier, and all the way better “Beijing Feisty Fawn release party” for next April, mark your calendar, NOW! : )


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